Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bloggernacle Events

Here are some events past and upcoming that have to do with the Bloggernacle:
  • Bloggersnacker--A get together for members of the Bloggernacle community. What really impressed me is that everyone associated with By Common Consent, even "lurkers" (people who read but don't comment) were invited! I will keep an eye out for these in the future.
  • Mormon History Association Conference-It seems like a lot of people associated with the Bloggernacle are involved with the Mormon History Association. They just held a conference last month. I couldn't find a twitter stream associated with it, but they did open a comment stream on BCC.
  • Mormon Media Studies Symposium-This event will be held at BYU this fall. At least I found one event that hasn't already happened. Anybody interested in Mormonism and New Media should check this out; they are accepting submissions! I heard about it from a post on By Common Consent.

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  1. Hey Ben, I did a twitter search using and typed in "Mormon history association" and found three tweets about people attending the is the link:
    Maybe you could get in contact with them?