Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm trying to solidify/revamp my conclusions about connections I've been researching between Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" and the Bloggernacle. One of the first, most obvious connections is the similarity between a cathedral and a tabernacle as religious physical structures. A couple weeks ago, Neal commented on my post about emailing Mormon bloggers and suggested exploring "different imagery/metaphors that are used to define relationships on the 'web.'" We spoke about this again in our English class yesterday and I'm rethinking my argument along these lines. My idea right now is comparing the cathedral and tabernacle metaphors and how they help us better understand the story "Cathedral" and the Bloggernacle.

The name "Bloggernacle" was decided on a few years ago in the comments to a post on the Mormon blog Times and Seasons. A commenter, Adam Greenwood, had some good ideas about why "Bloggernacle" is a good name: "Note the founding metaphor of the blog community is spacial--the blogosphere . . . The tabernacle . . . is the sacred space that conceptually contains the world; it is at root expansive."

I don't have a solid argument yet; I'm just publishing my thinking process, so please give suggestions.

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