Friday, August 6, 2010

Smithsonian Internship

This fall I will intern at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. So, what could an internship at the institution that houses historical artifacts like the Star-Spangled Banner and Dorothy's Ruby Slippers have to do with today's cutting-edge New Media technology?

Well, I'll be working on the museum's New Media team, which means, among other things, I will help manage the museum's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr accounts, as well as their blog, O Say Can You See.

I think museums are constantly searching for new ways to connect to a modern audience, and New Media is a powerful tool for forging those connections. For example, one of the Smithsonian's latest projects is the Smithsonian Commons, "a new part of [the institution's] digital presence dedicated to stimulating learning, creation, and innovation through open access to Smithsonian research, collections and communities."

In the coming months I will use this blog to document some of my work and experiences with the National Museum of American History's New Media team.

Image from National Museum of American History Flickr stream.


  1. That's an awesome opportunity and I hope it goes great for you. I just finished reading James Boyle's The Public Domain ( and the concept of a "commons" is going to be increasingly critical. Museums are obviously going to be large players in that (or they should be). I checked out the various Smithsonian links and videos and it looks like they are gearing up for a lot of really solid ways to engage audiences with these media. It will be great that you are boarding a moving train.

  2. This is so cool Ben! It will be great to read your blog.

  3. I agree with Audrey! This sounds great, I'm excited for you.